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Benjamin Naughton

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Riley Savage

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Riley flicked his joint away whilst driving to the San Andreas Guns Association HQ one night, to see that all of his men were being arrested by FBI Agents, it turned out that the San Andreas Guns Association had a gang casefile on them. He gripped the steering wheel in anger, he drove off and returned a few hours later, he walked into the HQ to see that all of his weapons were removed, all of the materials, everything that was needed to keep the business intact, everything was gone.They didn't have much members, and they didn't have that much money, they were only new in town so they lost most of what they earned. San Andreas Guns Association had gone bankrupt, especially after seeing all of his men were stuck behind a cell, he didn't have a choice.. that was the night that Riley Savage himself said goodbye to the organization and shut it down. Riley layed low for the first few months after the arrests, he almost never showed himself to outsiders that wanted to join the business, not even people that were in the gang itself, mainly only people that were Field Instructors saw him. Riley was laying low for two years, he finally felt safe.. he went back into the open, he got himself a very low paying job, he called up a few of his boys and told them that he was back in town, and everything was back to normal, but he wanted to start up another business. Riley was half African American, he was involved in street gangs before, he came back to town with plans to join one, but he sooner realized that it would be better off that he would keep laying low for awhile, Riley was normally solo in the type of business of what he did, because he didn't trust that much people.

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Riley was in need of money, he had no guns or any contacts to get them, so he started going back to his old ways.. robbing innocent people, robbing houses, robbing stores, and many other illegal activities, he got stuck up in it.. too greedy. He was robbing a house one night alone, but he let his guard down.. the residents of the house called 911 as they saw him enter the house, Riley didn't know that 911 was called, he started to be stealth.. - pulling out every draw to see if there was any money in them, looking in cupboards for money, he eventually found two hundred dollars, but as he was leaving he realized that he could see and hear a few sirens out the front. He was surrounded, he got put into prison for breaking and entering, for a devastating amount of two years. He was sent to a high prison security, his name was leaked out throughout the prison, but luckily, Benjamin Naughton, his brother that was the Field Instructor of San Andreas Guns Association was put into the same prison. They met eachother inside on the courts one day, Riley told him that he got bankrupt and started robbing people but got too greedy, Benjamin was only in prison for another one and a half years.. The time went by quick, Riley started planning about what he wanted to do when he got out, eventually Riley served his time, they said to eachother that they would meet eachother on the outside, they both eventually got out.

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Riley and Benjamin met up, they started talking to eachother about how they needed money, they both started doing illegal activities again, started robbing once again, and eventually made a couple of new friends on the way, they met a guy named Josh, he was in to the same things that they were into. They were robbing a local pizzastack one night, but they didn't have real guns, they had replicas, but it was barely noticable.. they got away with five hundred dollars. They went home and smoked a spliff, Riley said "Yeah homie, just anoda' normal night, aha" they all went to sleep. They wake and baked the next morning. Riley got a call from his nigga Ghost that afternoon, he said "Ayo Riley, party at Ten Green Bottles tonight at 9, see you dere' mane" The afternoon went by quick, Riley and his boy Benjamin went to go down to the bar before going to the clubs, but on the way a pack of three mexicans with Aqua bandanna's showed up, they told Riley and Benjamin to give them their wallets, but they didn't.. They eventually got beaten, and ending up in hospital.. Riley had a broken nose and three broken ribs, he was in for a week, Benjamin only had his nose broken, he got out the following day.

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Riley got out of hospital, and went back home to see that Benjamin was on the couch, he sat down and sighed, and said "Shit mane, those fuckin' spics got us good, just lucky those muthafuckaz' outnumbered us, shit.. I'm thinking about makin' our own set, niggas need protection these days" Riley nodded once in approval, responding with "Shit Riley, I'm down to create our own shit on the block" Riley and Benjamin went out that night in their lowrider, they went back to a place where they used to hangout when they were only kids. It all just went natural, they named their set "612 East Beach Bloods" things just came through smoothly, they got more and more connections, Riley met a new nigga that hung around the block named Jamal, he had a large amount of connections, he hooked the gang up with firearms, such as AK47's, Tec9's and other powerful weapons. They started doing more illegal activities, started getting their reputation up. They hung out with other gangs and even made an alliance with some of them. Time went by and they had about twenty members strong, they wanted to expand their gang even more further, they had a pretty good reputation, they had no fear of anything. They robbed anyone, and raped the innocent countless times.

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Some of the members that joined 612 East Beach Bloods were shot down by their rival gangs, they lost around twenty people in two months, war started happening, they had beef with most of the crip gangs around Los Santos. Funerals were held for the Fallen Soldiers, they were losing homies daily, but they always went by the motto "No matter how you try, niggaz die, but we just retaliate with hate, and then we multiply" Fallen Soldiers would not keep them from not staying strong, they died for the gang, and so would most of the members, so it wouldn't be worth it if the gang just gave up on all.

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Riley let his guard down and got himself in prison for another year, but that was nothing to him, he got stronger and stronger day by day, more plans on what to do when he gets out, and more time to think. Time went by and he eventually got released, he went back to his hood to see that Riley ran everything as planned, they got bigger, they started growing their own pot, making deals with other gangs, and doing countless crimes, they got new rebel members in day by day. They had an endless amount of stock for weapons, it was all going very well. Years went past and most of the San Andreas Guns Association members got released by then, but only a few amount of them wanted to get back into the criminal business, the other ones wanted to fix up their stuff, and not do crimes anymore. Most of the members gave Riley a call and let him knew that they were out, they all regrouped back together, and Riley told them what was going down.. Riley told them that he now had his own crew and everything was going well, so most of them joined up with him.

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Riley and a few of his cousins wanted to get down in the set, so more and more members eventually joined, they were known around Los Santos for doing an amount of dangerous crimes, they had a reputation for being rebellious. They put up their tag "612 East Beach Bloods" all around most of the blocks, throwing up gang signs to any rival gangs that went past them. Their rivals weren't any threat to them, they popped a bullet in them everytime they came around to their hood trying to start beef, as they did with any other outsider. They died for their hood, and protected it in every way possible. "Represent your flag, represent your hood"

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The gang kept it sliding smooth, they continued doing their business throughout Los Santos, hanging out at their hood, and protecting their hood. They stopped the hatred with their rival gangs, they were know just running smooth, no hate, just keeping it real. Riley and Benjamin kept the gang like this for awhile, they stopped putting their noses into police business for awhile, but they got stronger once again, they started robbing other gangs and even police officers. They were now making more money then ever, and they were wishing to keep it that way.

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Rank 6: King Blood
Rank 5: Original Blood
Rank 4: Avenue Gangster
Rank 3: Street Hustler
Rank 2: Foot Soldier
Rank 1: Hood Rat
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