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 [CID | BCF] Venessa Bauer | Bruce Black - #015

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PostSubject: [CID | BCF] Venessa Bauer | Bruce Black - #015   Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:14 am

Case file #: #015

Case opened: 07/18/2012

Assisting Agent(s): N/A


I was sitting at Ganton, when I saw this suspect shoot several times in the air, along with shooting things. I also noticed she had an illegal modification in her vehicle.

[----------------------------------[Suspect(s) photograph:]----------------------------------]

Suspect's name: Venessa Bauer

Suspects phone number: 294127


1. Possession of an illegal firearm.
2. Brandishing an illegal firearm.
3. Unlawful discharge of an illegal firearm.
4. Public Endangerment.
5. Illegal NOS Modification


Wiring myself and enabling my small button camera.

The Shooting

Illegal NOS Modification

MDC Results

[-----------------------------Additional Information-------------------------------]

Bruce Black
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[CID | BCF] Venessa Bauer | Bruce Black - #015
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