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 [CID | BCF] Kevin Mayhem | Benjamin Naughton - #003

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PostSubject: [CID | BCF] Kevin Mayhem | Benjamin Naughton - #003   Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:50 am

Case file #: #003

Case opened: N/A

Assisting Agent(s): N/A


I was driving near the Market BloCC Hood, when I saw this male and several other people shooting at several LEO's.

[----------------------------------[Suspect(s) photograph:]----------------------------------]

Suspect's name: Kevin Mayhem

Suspects phone number: -230


1. Possession of an illegal firearm.
2. Discharging an illegal firearm.
3. Attempted murder against an LEO.
4. Public Endangerment
5. Brandishing of a firearm in public.


Wiring myself and enabling my small button camera.

The Shooting

MDC Results

[-----------------------------Additional Information-------------------------------]

Suspect hangs out at the Market BloCC Crip Hood, and he may be a member of the gang.

Benjamin Naughton
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[CID | BCF] Kevin Mayhem | Benjamin Naughton - #003
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