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Austin Savage
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Trenton Smith

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In ' 57 a lot of immigrants came to San Andreas and spread themselves over the entire province. Most of them were looking for a better life, and some fled for the war in Calambio. In San Fierro and Las Venturas it remained relatively quiet, but especially Los Santos was a real attraction. It was a prosperous city and since most immigrants arrived at the Los Santos Airport and had no money to travel, they continued their lives there.

Jack Dakota Junior was one of those immigrates who brought a piece of ''culture'' to San Andreas. In his old village, he was the owner of a shooting club but by the invasion of the army it was entirely ruined. So along with a few friends, they rented an old and worn-out shop in the area of Ganton. In the first instance this was meant to sleep in, and an accommodation to give to those who had no money for an apartment and so in this way, more and more immigrants came to the shop and started to live there.

But unfortunately the big move was not so good for the city life. There were so many immigrants that flew over from Calambio to Los Santos, that the city was soon overcrowded. There were not enough jobs anymore and the crime on the streets increased. Jack and his friends were honest people and forests thus also see their money to earn honestly.

SAGA Application Tedsgunshopphoto

Together with his friends they started to renovate the shop after a month or two. From the ruins they bought they quickly made something that could be used as a shop. Because they had no more money for big shopping or to regulate financial things, they decided to create a shooting Association like they had in Calambio. Jack Jr. worked hard and his friends helped him in this. Jack dedicated his life's working hard to start a shooting club in his previous place of residence and that work was ruined at once, so Jack his friends knew what for emotional values this club would have for him.

After 5 months of hard work, the club was finally ready for use and there could be adopted members. The friends shared some flyers throughout Los Santos for an open day which took place on 21 March ' 58 in the Club.

SAGA Application Ak47gtasaicon

SAGA Application P671Y
The open day was close and the only thing that Jack and his friends missed were the weapons for any demonstrations. This led to their first crime that included a murder. Jack his friend Joey aka '' The Jackal '' had his contacts in town, and was called by a friend who gave information about a cargo of weapons arriving from the Los Santos Docks to an Ammu-nation nearby that would be brought into San Andreas. They decided to go and rob the truck from it’s cargo.

SAGA Application Truckrob

The day before their grand opening appeared on their calendars So Jack and his friends had loaded up their motors get and drove to the Los Santos Docks, where the ambush would take place. '' The Jackal '' already arranged a couple of 9 mm they could use to bring fear in the crowd, and when the truck passed-by Joey jumped towards on the door, pulled the driver out, and killed him in cold blood.

Jack and the rest of the gang were shocked, and started to distrust Joey really bad. But they had no time and had to quickly return to their case, which was nearby. Everything was now rounded to one thing after ... the name of the Club. They had some good names in mind but eventually they decided the name '' San Andreas Guns Association '' was the best for their Club to use. The name Board with their slogan in the front of the shop, looked like this :
‘’San Andreas Guns Association’’
A man without a Rifle, is like a man without a soul.

SAGA Application Colt45icon

SAGA Application SXzCN
The flyers had their work done well. And it ran storm at the Club due the Grand opening was finally dawned. People reported to and found the club in '' Ganton '' great. Street rats not only attended but also lawyers and police officers. The club got bigger and bigger and in ' 65 the club had reached a members count of 6,000 people, it was a real achievement. The club had been expanded throughout San Fierro and Las Venturas and the number of members continued to rise.Financial the club sat good. And the club was seen as legal by the Government. There was a system created and the members of the club were a cohesive society.

You could earn ribbons and diplomas based on your loyalty and dedication to the club. The bad news, was that the more the people active practiced this sport as a hobby, the more experience they got with weapons and shooting.

SAGA Application 128689784420441024x821

The friends were sleeping on top of a big pile of money. But with great power comes great responsibility. 1/2 of the '' San Andreas Guns Association '' was active in the criminal underworld of the city. They joined gangs and did illegal drugs and weapon smuggling. The Club no longer kept itself busy with recruiting new members, but the people who joined the club and started as a hobby began to carry out criminal activities in the name of the Club. They came more and more in touch with the police and if the snowball once rolls down the Hill, it’s impossible to stop it…

SAGA Application Sawnoffshotgungtasaicon

SAGA Application CjgLC
It was now ' 71 and the club was the largest of all in Los Santos. Everyone knew who they were and what they were doing, but no one dared to do something. The Club now had so much power that even the police and the Government got bribed or were shot. Crime on the street came at its peak. On a normal night in the summer of 1997, the friends had an encounter in the Ammu-nation of San Fierro. There should be a few new contacts created and weapons would be exchanged.

A normal working day for Jack Dakota Junior and the Club. But in fact this night would change everything for the club. Joey was jealous of Jack and wanted the power to seize the throne. He decided to attempt an assassination on Jack. He hired an assassin and let Jack being chocked in his sleep in his sleep. The next morning everything pointed out that he had had a heart attack and Joey introduced himself available as a successor to the club leader.

Unfortunately for Joey came the long lost son of Jack Jr. back and had the same leader capabilities as his father. '' Ope '' aka Kane Dakota, had moved to San Andreas 2 years after his father did , and had never really had anymore contact with his father. Till this day ... The club agreed that Kane had to be the successor to Jack and Joey had lost this time. Unfortunately now he could do nothing more to happen, because that would be suspicious. ''Ope '' Turned out to be very reluctant and wanted the everyone to create a legal and hobby club. He invested in the emerging new companies such as 24/7 stores and closed a friendly deal with the Ammu-nations in San Andreas. The club was becoming more and more inactive, and the number of members began to decline sharply. In ' 78, the club was finally bankrupt.

SAGA Application Laatstefo

SAGA Application Smalldildosaicon

SAGA Application NEgtc
Now it was the year 1998 and Kane wanted to rebuild the Club like his old man did a long time ago, he assembled some friends and they raised some money to buy the old Shop/Club again, the sign in front still said :

‘’San Andreas Guns Association’’
A man without a Rifle, is like a man without a soul.

A few years later, Kane was heavily in debt and had to seek a new way to earn money back. He met Austin Savage . A young man with ambitions and a lot of money in his pockets. Kane told Austin about his former Club and father, and how everything got out of hand. Austin became very interested in the history of the Club and that was exactly what Kane Dakota had hoped for.

Austin offered to rebuild the club again and decided to build a new Clubhouse in the middle of Downtown Los Santos. Kane could almost not believe it, but he putted his best foot forward for the Club to make it run again. They started advertising all over the city plus around the entire town they spread flyers, and soon the San Andreas Gun Association would open his doors to new members again. They received a membership card and could remain and chill in the club if they wanted.

After a period of time the club had already more than 50 members and increasingly expanded. Shooting deers in the Woods above Los Santos, or keeping a shoot competition in the Ammu-nation close to their Club. Everyone had to his sentence and the Club gradually began to mix with gangs and mafia in Los Santos and San Fierro what was a bad choice geweet maybe some translations. But Kane decided not to go into the same mistake as in the past and the club tried to be as clean as possible in the heart of crime and gangs on the streets.

SAGA Application YvTb2

- Austin Savage
- Trenton Smith
- Kane Dakota
- Care Sunda
- Tom Arpan
- Sailor Q Rodriguez

SAGA Application PC3Nd

Rank 6 : President.
Rank 5 : Vice-President.
Rank 4 : Field Instructor.
Rank 3 : Staff Instructor.
Rank 2 : Specialist.
Rank 1 : Private.

SAGA Application VURM6
Rank 1 : Private.

SAGA Application Skin1new

Rank 2 : Specialist.

SAGA Application Skin_27

Rank 3 : Staff Instructor.

SAGA Application Skin3new

Rank 4 : Field Instructor.

SAGA Application Skin4new

Rank 5 : Vice-President.

SAGA Application Skin_187

Rank 6 : President.

SAGA Application Skin_185

Female Skin :

SAGA Application Skin192m

SAGA Application 8WXwc

We'll keep ourselfs busy with things like Demonstrations on the streets, parades, hunting in the forests, giving away shooting rewards, Illegal

shipments, raiding gang's HQ's and stealing their materials/guns. I really don't like the ''RP'' gangs that get official and then only do points and turfs. If we get official one day we will continue our Roleplay.

SAGA Application YpWQ2

2x Sultan :

SAGA Application 560sultan

2x Boxville :

SAGA Application 498boxville

1x Burrito :

SAGA Application 482burrito

SAGA Application OtYTu

- Hosting / Coming to Roleplay events.
- Making SS of the Events and then posting it on the forums.)
- Roleplaying with other families.
- Wearing the Club Jackets (Skins).
- Points from shooting contests.
- Donate to the Club.
- Dedication to the Club.
- Good RP knowledge.

SAGA Application QEqEU
((We are currently getting it moved to a new location after the DD update, and we will also be buying an Ammunation. For now we have a Bar.))
SAGA Application Mt4hAh
SAGA Application XIShhh
SAGA Application KW0Bj

SAGA Application 9a6ms

1. DM and KoS :
- Will lead to a negative strike. If you get -3 strikes you will be automatically kicked from the Association.

2. MG :
- Will get you -2 negative strikes, so it can only happen once.

3. Screenshots/Videos of RP events :
- Positive strikes can be earned. +3 strikes means chance of promotion.

4. Not answering / inactivity :
- You have to report when we have Roleplay Events to a higher commander. Inactivity will eventually lead to dismembering.

5. CS or QS :
- You will get warned, if it keeps going, You will get negative strikes.

SAGA Application NL18w
No, we are based in LS.

SAGA Application 0VtB5

SAGA Application MVgMu

SAGA Application H6xca

The 5T [R6] (Short time)
Gangster Disciples [R3]
Varrios Los Aztecas [R1]
Italian Pride [R1]
The Kuchera Crime Family

SAGA Application Dtl7G
We are dedicated Roleplayers and we would like to keep it that way, if we could make it to official. That doesn't mean like some other gangs that only do points and forget how to Roleplay. It's important all of our members have fun and don't abuse others.

SAGA Application XjGOP

SAGA Application H6xca
The 5T [R6] (Short time)
621 Gangster Disciples [R4]
Italian Pride [R1]

SAGA Application Dtl7G
Because we have the knowledge to run a good family, and because this is a well RP'ed Family, I really want to bring another good Family to the server. All the members will enjoy the RP, considering we will host events almost every day or night, we have alot of RP opportunities.

Kane Dakota - Story Writer.
Austin Savage - Application Designer.
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SAGA Application
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